Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ah yes.....winter begins!

According to the calendar, winter is upon us. Even in Quartzsite, winter is here!! All the SNOWBIRDS are arriving in what seems like an endless parade of RVs getting off I-10 from both directions.....heres a happy family that has set up their picnic table right in the McDonalds parking lot, just outside their "camper"

And, they stayed there the whole day and night! Kids were riding bikes and little scooters around....obviously not the smartest parents in the world, letting their kids play in a roadway shared with a Pilot truck stop!! Uhhh--HELLO?? TRACTOR TRAILERS??

I so love to travel, especially into Florida!! Love seeing those monster palm trees as you cross the state line on I-75, welcoming me back to the sunshine state!! You would think that Arizona would have palm trees, but the desert presents us with this sample

Poor thing, in the middle of the desert all alone, no other cacti to talk to...but I know there has to be a palm tree around here SOMEWHERE!! I mean, they don't plant cacti in front of their businesses for landscaping....even just one palm tree?? Ah--HA!!

What a fine specimen!! And right behind McDonalds!! How have I missed seeing this for nearly 3 weeks?? Not very observant huh? Oh well, I found it, also like the poor desert cactus all alone with no other to talk to and share the day......that sounds a lot like my life right now!! DOH!!


  1. You're not gonna believe this but there's some business fools who even plant palm trees in Ohio!

    Guess beach living is everywhere :p

  2. I guess so!! Do they take them in for the winter, or just plant new ones in the spring? I don't think palms like really cold weather...