Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I have moved!!

Yes, I was going to test the patience of the BLM Ranger in these parts, but decided to follow the rules and move to a new section of BLM land this afternoon.....its only a few miles up the road from where I was, and its much bigger! Not even 1/25th full!!! I literally had my choice of where to park, and picked a nice spot up close to the entrance right off the main road......not worried about the noise, I have earplugs!!

Have also decided to go after a gig at the Grand Canyon for next year!! The north rim is the least visited area, and only about 10% of all visitors make it there! It is about 215 miles from the south rim......and the elevation is right at 8500 feet. A concessioner called Xanterra Parks and Resorts operates the Grand Canyon Lodge there, and from what I know they begin hiring in December, and will provide me with a full hook up site. They have an employee dining room, where you are fed 3 times a day if you choose, and they take it right out of your check! My application went in this morning!! Now we will just have to wait for an email back or the phone to ring!!!!!

Will cut it short today, just not a whole lot going on!


  1. That all sounds great. Good for you! More pics please. :)

  2. That gig feels really good - will suit you well. I love how've you figured out how to mix work with your lifestyle!

  3. North Rim of GC is on my 'list', that sounds like a GREAT gig! Here's hoping you get a callback!