Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost time to move.....

My 14 days on my current BLM site are up tomorrow, so need to get out and search for another not to terribly crowded patch of BLM land!! Don't need much space, just room to pull in-unhitch-and set up camp!! Theres another big area a couple miles north of where I am, but you're supposed to move 25 miles each time!!

My fellow full time RV traveler Glenn at tosimplify.net turned me on to a site about 40 miles away, right beside the Colorado river....might have to just run up there and check it out today, minus the trailer. If it looks good, may just re-locate there for a while! Probably get some great pics there!

My friend Charlene is after me to join the local rock club, $15, and it WOULD have advantages.....they have pancake breakfasts, and this Saturday they are having a members only swap meet/flea market/vendor sale in the parking lot. That would be ok if I could get rid of more stuff and generate some extra cash! And then for $5 more, I can join the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Assn.) and get a free Christmas dinner!! Not real sure what/how the QIA improves anything in Quartzsite, but what the hell...

Had a nice little rain here yesterday, and afterwards I just happened to look up from the computer screen in time to catch this!!

Who knew that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ended up being at a Pilot in Quartzsite, AZ??!!?? I hustled my butt inside, but someone must have beat me to it!!!!!

Ah well.....such is life.....

Have noticed I'm picking up a few more followers to the blog---GREAT!! WELCOME!! I wish I had the hundreds and hundreds that Glenn has on his, but alas, no one is doing interviews with me!! Even though I have a REALISTIC working budget of $500 a month!! Yahoo, call me!!


PS: I never heard back from the owners of the campground in Illinois that I had applied to workamp in 2012......guess they were not open minded enough to realize that a person CAN camp in a converted cargo trailer!! Likely did not meet their high standards...oh well, Deb and Ted @ Pine Lakes Resort, trust me--it was your loss!


  1. Just curious, do they check and really enforce that 14 day/25 mile limit?

    And why not call the IL people back? Maybe they just got sidetracked.

    Off to work now. One of thooosssssseeeeee days... ugh!

  2. Maria, I really don't know if they check/enforce or not.....the area I am at is not even 1/4 full, so I might be able to skate by...the host here wouldn't notice or care likely!!

    And, no, they didn't get sidetracked...they just had closed minds!

  3. I'm thinking a spot by the river sounds ideal...my vision of Paradise.

    Who wrote "The Article" for Glenn? Liz Pulliam Weston? Why don't you drop her a line? Hmmm,on second thought: Just how crowded do you want it next to the Colorado? I think Glenns' ripple effect is yet to be felt. There are plenty of us currently making plans to join you guys soon ;)

  4. You're right!! Why push the envelope to far!!

  5. Yeah Kyra but only the coolest of the cool will actually hit the road!