Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keepin the faith!!!

Well, its Wednesday here in the cold northwest Arizona desert! I have to say I am getting really tired of this cold weather! Sleeping is good, just pull up the quilt/comforter/electric blankie over my head and snooze away! Its the other 15 hours of the day that suck!

So here I am at Pilot this morning enjoying fresh coffee, and watching all the folks climbing out of their campers, i.e. conversion vans/station wagons etc...when this little cutie walks briskly by on her way into the station...sorry, no picture...(never grab the camera in time!)....a few minutes later she returns on her way to a parking lot behind me, and alas, I look over my left shoulder and she disappears into this

Kind of looks like something from the 70s huh? Can you see whats hand painted on it? "CROSS COUNTRY ON FAITH AND DONATIONS"....."NO CASH---FOOD AND FUEL ONLY"....."SIGN THE BUS"......the old PEACE symbols spray painted here and there....2 junkyard dogs stretched out soaking up the sun...

Vermont license plates, must be California bound. I wasn't feeling adventurous enough this morning to go over and engage them in conversation, plus I don't have a lot of free cash to hand out willy nilly, but caught the lot of them standing outside and snapped this picture. One of them must have spotted me hanging my head and camera out the door of my truck, cause he called out to me "peace brother" and gave me the V sign with both hands!!

Right on brother!!!!!!!!


  1. What an eclectic picture! I am loving your blog. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Kyra, I think thats FAR OUT,ya dig?

  3. Rainbow???? They call everyone "Brother"