Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warrens, Wisconsin, here I come!!

Looks like I am headed for Americas LARGEST Jellystone park in 2012 to workamp!! Check it out at: Owned by a big RV resort company, Legacy Resorts, with properties all over the country! They tell me if a person does a good job, they can usually arrange a transfer to another of their properties in the winter.....and they have some in Florida!! Yes, always thinking ahead, its in my blood!

They called me this afternoon, offerred me a position, we talked money, I talked more/they caved, and the contract is on its way---sign it/fax back/report April 1.....contract runs thru end of October....stay all season, pick up bonus of $1 for EVERY hour worked thru those 7 months!! Thats gas money out of Wisconsin to warmer temps! How sweet is that!!

Now all I have to do is find something to do until about mid March so I don't go nuts!!


  1. All right... sounds like fun. Wisconsin is such a lovely state. I actually considered moving there once but it didn't work out.

    But if I make it back through this year I'll for sure stop by and say howdy!

  2. Congrats on the job!! Really enjoy reading your blog, I found you from Swankiewheels and also follow Glen. You have a very cool setup with your trailer.

    Northern, Ca

  3. That is wonderful John! Congratulations! Looks like a fun park with a lot of activities. I hope you enjoy working there so you can stay the whole season and get your bonus. I've been in that area before. Maria is right, very pretty. Enjoy! And again, congratulations. Woohoo! :)

  4. Thank you thank you! Oddly enough, ANOTHER offer, a BETTER offer, came in an hour later, for a big park/lake in the northern part of California!! Decisions decisions decisions......

  5. Hey John,
    Are you north or south of Landfill Road?

  6. Landfill Road?? I go past a landfill but I don't know what the road is called...I am at Plomosa BLM which is on SR 95 north of Q-zite, think mile marker 114....

  7. Do you already have this:

    You sound like you're already pretty connected, but thought I'd send it just in case.

    brenda from arkansas