Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strange character

This morning while setting at Pilot enjoying a cup of joe and reading some of the blogs I follow, in rolls this

I guess the owner of this rig is all set up for when TSHTF, as he has 100 watts of solar on the roof as you can see. Don't really understand the camo design, but getting used to seeing just about anything here in Q-zite!

But then, the owner steps out, and he is dressed totally in Army fatigues/camos right down to his boots! I approached him, curious about his solar power setup, but he saw me coming and obviously saw the camera in my hand, as he proclaimed loudly "there will be NO pictures taken pal" as he pointed a gnarled finger in my direction!

I just did a 180 and scooted back to the safety of my normal looking Ford, deciding this guy just wasn't worthy of my time, nor my good readers time either!


  1. You sure are meeting or at least "seeing" (grin) some interesting folk. Am enjoying reading about them. 180 away from him indeed. Thanks for sharing John! :)

  2. People who paint things camo actually end up STANDING OUT instead of blending in. He sounds like one of those "crazies" who think there will be a huge race war or an attack of the walking dead zombies in the near future. As much as we may dislike out government sometimes, they're on top of things like zombies, flu outbreaks and race wars. It'ain't gonna happen on their watch. Going through life waiting (hoping?) for something catastrophic to happen is just silly.

  3. On the other hand Don, we often get what we expect. So perhaps there really are zombie outbreaks in that guy's reality!

  4. I just appreciate the variety. Never boring, is it?

    brenda from arkansas

  5. Hey, if you're not paraniod, you're not paying attention! ;-)

  6. Must be a long termer, we saw his rig last year. You get used to the isolationists , there are quite a few out there. I like my space but I am not a recluse....... Maybe he has watched too much Alex Jones ;-) The Fema camps ya now, wink wink.