Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eatin good in the desert!!

Last night, my fellow desert camper/new friend Gary and neighbor camper Phil and myself all sat down to heaping plates of spaghetti and sauce with generous helpings of italian sausage and ground beef and garlic bread with bowls of fresh cobb salad, and watched the sun slowly sink behind the mountains as we sat there in short sleeved shirts, and wondered how could it get any better!!

Gary is parked in his 30' class C and Phil is parked close by in his Ford Conversion Van....Gary did the cooking, all on a 2 burner Coleman camp stove, Phil created the salad, and I supplied the garlic was a feast!! We all went to bed with full stomachs, and slept like babies!! Even Garys dog Silkie got some, and after licking the plates clean and chowing down on the leftover sausage/beef mixture, just kind of stretched out and began to snooze!!

I was up bright and early, and caught the sunrise in the Pilot parking lot with a steaming cup of fresh coffee! Here is ol sol breaking thru over the mountains for the last time this year!! Hope you enjoy......

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