Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just a ramble.........

Don't really have a good title for this post, so lets just go with it...The sunset last night was just gorgeous

as they so often are out here in the west! Add in a brilliant white full moon and temps in the 50s, throw in free camping on BLM land with the coyotes howling in the distance, makes for some really good sleeping!

I am trying to line up a workamping gig for next season, and thanks to my E-plus subscription to Workamper News, get interesting job openings every day right to my inbox! One came in earlier this week from a place in west central Illinois (my home state) called Pine Lakes Resort. I checked the place out on their website, and shot off an email to the owners. About 2 hours later, cell phone rings, and its the wife of the owner...we talk for a bit, and she wants me to shoot her a pic of me and my, I get my friend Charlene to shoot this

and I attach it to a nice email and thank them for any consideration they may give me, and sent it on its way. Hoping they call and tell me to come on over, as its only about a 2 hour drive to my moms from there, and I could run over every couple weeks and see her, as well as some old friends! Keep your fingers crossed, and wish me luck!

Then again, there is just SO many possibilities out here in the west for workamping jobs!! I mean, between Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon and Custer State Park and Crazy Horse Monument and Grand Teton Lodges, literally a few thousand job openings!! Throw in the National Park Service and the Forest Service, and a guy could workamp year round and get paid for it!!

Ahhhhh, the possibilities........


  1. Fingers & toes crossed, wishing you luck and saying prayers! That would be awesome! Great pic Charlene took. Shows a clean, well cared for rig and truck and an able-bodied guy willing & ready to work. Good job! I have a question though - most of the places you list for workamping jobs get extremely cold. So, in preparing for the future, would it be best to find a self-contained RV or trailer so nothing freezes? How does that work? Again, best wishes! You've got this!

  2. The areas that get extremely cold, those jobs usually end in October. Past experience has taught me that workampers in those areas usually start lining up winter work around Labor Day...then when one job ends, they have another to go to where its warm all trailer is fully self contained, so I don't worry much about it freezing solid!

  3. Nice stealthy rig there John!

    Hoping you get a call back on the job!

  4. My 2 major supporters--Debra and Kyra--Thanks, patiently waiting by the cell phone....would be so nice to be back home for 6 or 7 would be so happy!!

  5. Some workampers come to Quartzsite when their gigs end, are members of the Gem and Mineral Club here... and make wonderful jewelry all winter long, and also help others by teaching and mentoring folks. They also give tours of the local area... outings to rock collection sites, and just really great outings. A great bunch of people.

  6. LOve the trailer rig. Have often thought of doing that myself. How about some pics of the inside?

  7. I hope the Ohio workcamp comes through if that is your favorite. I'm curious how all that works, so hope you have more details later. And thanks for the gorgeous sunset.

    brenda from arkansas

  8. Hi John,

    Just found your blog thru Glenn's To Simplify blog. I'd also like to see some pics of your rig on the inside and hear a little more about the conversion.

    Have a lot more questions for another time. Maybe in an email.