Sunday, December 4, 2011

It takes all kinds.......

So, I have been in Q-zite 3 days, and in that period of time I think I have seen every type of RV you could imagine! Everything from those fold out truck campers that have nothing but 2 padded benches, to the biggest, most luxurious Prevost coaches with auto tracking solar panels and 6 slides!! By the way, the owner of the Prevost actually gave me a tour---in the galley area, he pushed a button on a remote control and the floor (marble tile!) actually opened up and a center island rose from below that held a microwave/convection oven, 9 drawers, and a double door cabinet!! The counter top was a beveled rounded edge design that looked like it was granite. In the master suite, he pushed another button and a 60" flat screen digital tv flipped down from the ceiling and rotated 180 degrees on a ceiling track around the king size bed!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Price tag?? He showed me the invoice---are you ready?? Try $3.7 MILLION!!!!!For a friggin motorhome?? And this guy was only 38 years old, but inherited several million from his parents, and is travelling the country enjoying every single dollar!! The coach was custom built, custom painted, has 2 simply magnificent heat producing electric fireplaces, in floor safe, even a wine cooler!! So sorry good readers, he would NOT let me take pictures, insisted I leave my camera/cell phone outside, and even made me remove my boots before stepping inside! On the roof, he has 900 watts of solar power, with an auto tracker to follow the sun....UNBELIEVABLE!!

But, I digress....there are some rather unique characters that have rolled into town over the past day or 2. I am parked at the local Pilot, using their Wandering Wifi network, ($19.99 mo. UNLIMITED)and have seen the same 5 or 6 30+ year old Chevy conversion vans here just parked, owners inside doing who knows what.....truck campers/Chinooks/even just people in their cars loaded down with their possessions. Pilot doesn't care obviously, as they know that these people may all come inside and buy coffee or a sandwich or smokes or whatever...and really, its not hard to park in plain sight in a truckstop lot. If they get tired of setting here, there is a McDonalds next door...or a Loves travel center 1 mile down the road.....

But, what do all these people DO for money? Are they disabled, drawing a check every month?? I know they aren't all retired, I see guys here in their 30s!! Are they living off savings? Unemployment? Food stamps? Most all have a beard, shoddy clothing, look rough......yeah, I know they are sleeping in their vehicle, but where are they getting money to eat??

It truly does take all kinds.........


  1. Yeah I'd like to know that too! One of the things that keeps me in Cincinnati is the income... My clients kinda like it if I actually show up to work on a regular basis!

    Still, if I can figure out how to make a decent mobile income I may well be hitting the road with the rest of you cool people. Just not in a $3.7 million motor-mansion :p

  2. That is amazing! I love the blog and how you shared everything from 3.7 million to the "rough" that make you question their livelihood. I had to laugh. Maybe they're musicians, writers or welfare. Who knows? Keep us posted. Inquiring minds want to know.

    @Maria-love the cute moniker: "$3.7 million motor-mansion". ;)

    My blog tonight will be about building my mobile income. I wonder if people one day will be wondering what I do as I wander. :)

  3. @DSD - I hope they wonder... makes you all the more mysterious and exciting!

  4. I would love to check out one of those high end Prevosts someday. How did you end up doing that? Did you just ask the guy? I don't understand the no picture taking though? As long as you're not snapping pics of him or his personal belongings... why would he care? You can kind of tell that he didn't earn the money and isn't used to being wealthy. Someone who earned and purchased a $3.7 million RV wouldn't keep the invoice handy to show strangers. That's wierd.

  5. Don, the guy pulled in and actually put his slides out as well as the automatic awning, brought out a chair and just acted like he owned the place! He was not more than 20' from where I was parked, he was clean cut, looked harmless enough so I just ambled over and broke the ice with "nice rig" it turned out, he had just picked it up in San Diego, and was on his maiden voyage with it.

    He was quite honest in telling me he had never worked a day in his life,was still trying to figure out all the systems on the rig, and asked me if I knew much about holding tanks and fresh water systems! We talked for at least 3 hours.

    The not being allowed to take pictures didn't bother me, some people are very private, and then there are people like me who will engage anybody in conversation....