Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Visit from fellow blogger!!

Well, I think the tourist season has officially arrived here in Quartzsite!! Traffic has REALLY picked up in town, and the BLM lands are getting more traffic as well....yesterday was moving day again for me, and I went 2 miles south to Hi Jolly BLM which is where I started out when I first hit town!! But I parked farther back from the road this time, and slept like a baby all night last night.....and the overnight low only went down to 40, so only ran the heater about 15 minutes just to warm the tootsies some!!

Rolled into Pilot this morning early for fresh coffee, and check the blogs, and discovered that fellow blogger Don from A View From the Road, was camped out at Hi Jolly, but was planning on heading out for Yuma around I waited till daylight and rolled back out and found the View and there was poor Don out walking his travel mate Tigger!!

We hooked up and chatted awhile, and he rode his scooter over and I gave him the grand tour of my work in progress rolling home. His pal Herman and his lovely mom Sandy were still snoozing...obviously not the early riser types! Hey when you're on vacation there are no rules right?!!?

Anyway, a bit later the View rolled into my area and they all climbed out and after introductions were disposed of all around, I got the grand tour of the View!! WOW!! I was really impressed!! That thing is AWESOME!! Winnebago really got the design on the interior done right!! I mean, I've seen smaller bathrooms on Class A motorhomes!! And the space to store things was great!! I may have to look hard someday down the road at buying a used View, I just loved Don and Hermans!! Thanks guys for letting me see it! It is one SWEET rolling home!!

Shortly later, true to his word, they all headed out to the open road, Yuma bound......have a safe trip guys, catch you on the flip side somewhere down the if I can just get Glenn from to get out here!!!


  1. John we enjoyed meeting you today. Thanks for the magnets and GOLD! You're welcome in our View anytime. Herman and Sandy liked you and said you were a very nice guy. I already knew that from the blogs though. I am sure Glenn will make it out sometimes. I almost hooked up with him in Port St Joe but as I mentioned, I didn't want to be a bother. I figured if I saw him, I'd stop and say hi. If I didn't, I would motor on.

  2. Glad you guys hooked up! That is awesome! I love how big our small world is.

  3. Sounds like a really fun visit. Always good to connect with people in the 3-D, animated world sometimes.

    Have you given us a picture-tour of your home? From the pic on Don's blog it looks pretty cool :)