Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yaaaay!!!!!!!!!! Another week to hang out!!

Looks like I'm good to go financially speaking for at least another week here in Quartzsite!! Managed to sell something on Ebay and a friend here paid back a loan so my Paypal account is fat again!!

Not a whole lot going on here, but there has been a COLD wind blowing thru here all day, and I haven't moved out of the comfort of my truck cab nearly all day!! So thankful I brought this little guy with me

It has been a real blessing to have these past few weeks. Fire it up and it takes the chill out of the trailer in no time! And its great for holding my tootsies up close before crawling under the covers!! I don't let it run all night, in fact it gets shut off before I ever go to sleep! And it never runs without my being in the trailer. The little 1 pound cylinder of LP will run right at 7 hours, and thats pretty good!

Also, met this character when I first hit town 3 weeks ago today, and let me tell you, he IS a real character!! Folks, meet Karl

He is quick to point out thats Karl with a K!!Karl drives that 30 plus year old Olds wagon he is leaning on, and of course he has all of his worldly goods in it, because after all, its also his HOME!! Now before any of you go feeling sorry for Karl with a K, let me assure you this man wants for nothing! He has plenty to eat, and a roof over his head, and he appears very content with his lot in life! He always waves when he sees me, comes over and talks very clearly, and he sounds educated.....reads a lot, and writes a lot of short stories and sends them to magazines all over the country. UNKNOWN TO ME WHETHER HE GETS THEM PUBLISHED OR NOT. But he seems genuinely happy, sleeping in his car at the McDs each his own right?

Well, thats all for today!! Hope everyone is well and has a good night!


  1. I love the Karl's of the world, bet he has lots of cool stories to share. Hey ask him to let you publish one here!

    Stay warm :)

  2. John,
    Are you sure he is not Santa Claus? His face looks like he could be S.C. Must be something about the name Karl... with a K. Had a girlfriend with a neighbor across the hallway and his name was Karl with a K... he was a character too.. I live in a town called Biddeford and Karl's take on it was it should be called Sh..teford.... his insight is keen!!! and it gave us all a laugh. :) Really enjoy reading your posts... Happy Holidays coming up....Merry New Year too...
    p.s. Am hoping this was not too offensive a post...

  3. Maria, I don't think he would want to do that, but will ask!!

    JoJo, not offensive at all!!

  4. To each his own, absolutely, right. I'd love to be okay living like the K's of the world, but I'd get so mental, I would eventually become unstable. Good for him that he's enjoying life. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful experiences.