Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eye candy---Desert style!

OK, I admit that I'm not a great shutterbug, but I caught the sunset last night and had to share!! I've seen some breath taking sunsets down in Cedar Key, FL at my friends Pat and Cindy Bonish Low Key Hideaway, from their dock on the Gulf of Mexico, and was left wanting more!

But the sunset last night here in Quartzsite over the Plomosa mountains left me feeling the same way......hope you enjoy!!


  1. Wow those are beautiful! And yes, I know a picture can't compare to the real experience.

  2. Great sunset! And, I'm curious to hear which of your several workamping offers you're going to accept? Any decision yet?

  3. Well Kyra, I have a few different options available, but it all comes down to money!! I would like to go to Warrens, Wisconsin this coming April, but NEED to find something to tide me over till then!!

    Working on a couple possibilities here in AZ but also one in south TX...nothing definite yet, but when the bank account gets to a certain point I am going to be forced to return to IL for the winter! Which is something I do NOT want to see happen!!

  4. Really good sunset! Thank you.

    brenda from arkansas

  5. How about we all sprinkle a little Leprechaun dust on you?

    Everyone... 1,2,3 ****sprinkle****

    That should do it. Now all you need is a rainbow ;)

  6. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing. Will hold you up in positive light for a great job to come through as needed until April. Catching up on your blog... hopefully it's already all "worked" out. I'll know soon. ;)