Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunrise, sunset..........

OK, I actually remembered to make sure the batts were in the camera yesterday afternoon....yaaaaaay!!!!!!!! Heres the sunset from last night....

And then this morning, I caught ol' sol just as he was peeking over the Plomosa Mountains.....

Shortly afterwards, I headed to the local Pilot to get fresh coffee and set and check email and catch up on the blogs I follow, and I see this RV? roll into a space in front of me....this goes back to my post yesterday about "It takes all kinds"......

Hard to imagine, but a guy actually sleeps in this set up!! No harder I guess than believing I actually sleep in mine though!


  1. Thanks for sharing the sunset and sunrise! Beautiful! The RV?, not so much. LOL.

  2. I think I saw that guy at WalMart!

  3. You know I've been to a couple of RV sales sites - just thinking ahead - and they were kind of just "OK". But, toodling around the RV parks and seeing all the units people are actually using - now that's the way to go shopping. Very fun.

    Thanks for sharing an "interesting" "alternative" set-up.

    brenda from arkansas