Saturday, December 3, 2011

Say what?? 34 degrees???

Looks like we are having a little cold spell in Quartzsite!! Woke up this morning to a chilly, but tolerable 34 degrees!! Yes, good readers--34 degrees!! Lucky for me that I had the good sense 2 years ago to buy a Coleman catalytic heater with electronic ignition, and even more good sense to stock up on the 1 lb. propane cylinders!!

So, after waking up with cold toes at 3am, I broke out the heater and 1 cylinder and fired that puppy up!! I also cracked open the roof vent a couple inches, otherwise I may not be sitting here in the Pilot parking lot typing this, and enjoying a cup of Joe!

The heater worked flawlessly, and I was snug as a bug in a rug in no time!The 1 lb. cylinder will last about 6 hours or maybe 7, and the heater has a fan powered by 2 D cell batteries to circulate the heat, but I'm out of batteries, so radiant heat was all I had, but that was enough!

Woke up again about 7:15 just in time for the sunrise over the Plumosa Mountains, so grabbed my new camera with the 30x zoom, threw on my Carharrt jacket, and headed out to catch a good shot.....waiting patiently, it was just cresting the mountains.....and now!! Click..looking at the shot I had just taken, NOTHING there?? DOH!!!!! The batteries were inside charging thru my inverter!!!

Oh well, theres always tomorrow.......


  1. Oh my. This made me laugh. Sorry it was at your expense. But only because I could totally identify! I went outside this morning to take a picture of a beautiful rust & golden leaf oak this morning. Took the picture and forgot the memory card was still in my laptop. LOL!

  2. Hey John, just a suggestion...

    Change your intro from "Trying to live like Thoreau" to "Living like Thoreau".

    You're doing it bud! :)

  3. Hello Mate,

    Sounds like you've got a handle on the heat thing. I've been using a zero-degree rated sleeping bag to keep warm during the recent 25 degree weather we started having in Ohio. That keeps me nice and snug.

    Well, I just found your blog and wanted to say "Hi." Fare thee well.

    Later, Dude!

  4. Larry, Thanks for dropping by! Checked out your site---OHIO??!!?? You know it snows up there right?? LOLOLOLOL...get OUT of there bud!! Glad to see you follow my pal Glenns site too!! He is a cool guy!!


    Deb, leaving out the SD card is just about as bad as forgetting to even CHECK to see if the batts were in!!

  5. It's the intent that counts. Can't wait to see your Monday pics. Or Tuesday, Wednesday...

  6. Hi John,

    What's with the freaking 32 degree mornings? I thought folks went to AZ in the winter cuz it was WARM? Does this mean when I finally hit the road I need to bring summer and winter duds? Jeez...

  7. Yes Kyra, you better pack some winter duds regardless of where you go for the winter! I'm glad I brought mine with me!! I have my thermals with me plus flannel shirts and jeans, as well as my Carharrts!! Talking with the locals here though, they say by February it starts really warming up, and by end of March the "snowbirds" are long gone because its way to hot by then!

  8. You have a co2 detector right?

  9. Rest assured Don, I do indeed have a First Alert CO detector mounted right above my entry door, along with a fire extinguisher! Anyone who heats with LP and stays in an RV that doesn't have both is just asking for trouble!