Friday, December 16, 2011

SPAM and other nonsense

There was a time I used to actually enjoy getting SPAM!! It used to be about the only email I got, then I started following others blogs and started my own blog, and developed a list of favorites where I could go in and check the local papers back home to see who had died overnight...or a local tv station where I could see what the weather was back home in winter while I was basking in the sun somewhere!

And then along came Facebook, and FarmVille, which gave me a new avenue to play in...still play it nearly everyday, level 109 in case any of you good readers play and want another neighbor!!

But, lately SPAM has started to really irritate me!! I get the usual stuff from ALL the payday loan guys---$1500. in your account---TODAY!! Hey GREAT!!! Do you care though that I don't have a job?? So, no way to repay?? Is that OK??

Or this one---Someone may have run a background check on YOU!! Good for them!! I'll bet that made for some boring reading!!!

How about this one---your Chase Bank account statement is now online! AWESOME---ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CONSIDER I HAVE NEVER DONE BUSINESS WITH CHASE BANK IN MY LIFE!!

Then, theres the ones from the poor bereaved widow living in Africa, who NEEDS my help to get her late husbands bank account closed in the U.S. and she will split the $27.5 MILLION with me!! Damn, I could buy a REALLY BIG RV with almost $14 million dollars!! But, I don't have the $5000.good faith money to send Western Union to uhhhhh, NIGERIA was it?? Tell you what, if you can float me the $5000. until the money is released, you can just take it out of the nearly $14 million that will be my share...would that be OK? I mean, whats $5000. between friends?? After all, you addressed your email to me as Dear Beloved One.....

And of course, I get all the online Canadian pharmacies wanting to SAVE BIG on Viagra!! And SAVE EVEN MORE on Cialis!! Well, OK....but only if you send me a nurse or pharmacist lady like the one pictured in your email...does she come with the order? Otherwise, I just don't have the need!!

Then theres one I been getting nearly every single day lately...FROM ROBERT MUELLER-FBI-WASHINGTON, D.C.......THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!! CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!! Hmmm....oh DEAR!! Those fake $20s I printed must have gotten traced back to me!!

Me thinks its time to go buy a cup of Pilot coffee......think I have a $20 here somewhere!!


  1. I can't tell you how many times I've switched e-mail services to try and hide from the spam. But they keep finding me :(

    Lately I've been getting them from my "good friend Bob, Larry, Cindy, fill in name here..." who wants to share with me how they went from broke to making thousands a month. All I have to do is send them $29.99 and they'll met me in on their secret!

    Hmm... could it be the secret is sending out millions of spam e-mails asking for $29.99 to let those people in on the secret?

    Oh yeah.... I could spout off on this forever :)

  2. Well, you seem good. How about the ones wanting to send you a Russian bride. She sounded quite appealing, but I'm just not in the market for a Russian bride.

    You know, I used to get those at work all the time, even though you'd think they'd have some hi-tech spam grabbers. I'm not getting them now - maybe the Kaspersky is taking care of them.

    Enjoy your travels some extra for us.

    brenda from arkansas

  3. Maybe a little Spam Loco Moco at Sam Choy's ;)