Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm getting bored..........

Yes, just setting here in the desert doing absolutely nothing is starting to bore me! No one making demands on my time is not something I'm used to!! I go into town every morning, stop at Pilot and grab a fresh 24oz. cup of coffee, then just play on the internet, read blogs, sell some excess stuff on Ebay, and just watch the RVs roll in and and then, I engage some interesting looking people with a story to tell and try to sort the truth from the nonsense!!

Last night, was just setting in the truck outside my trailer, waiting for the full moon to appear one more time, and in the east sky behind the Plomosa Mountains, old reliable Mr. Moon started peeking out...there is a little travel trailer parked about 100 yards east of me and I grabbed the camera and got this shot

I know it may look like the sun, but trust me, its the moon!! A rather nice shot of a couple camping in the desert with the moon rising behind them.....doubtful they even saw it, as they were inside the trailer probably watching tv while their generator spewed out its noxious fumes!


  1. Nice pic John! I don't even have a dollar saved yet for the purchase of my RV and already I'm worried about what fellow campers are going to blog about me and my generator one day. LOL. I'll do my best to not irritate you guys. I promise. :)

    I hope you find something to replace the boredom soon. Keep us posted!

  2. Well if you're bored you can always entertain us by writing more :)

    Or hey, hop on over to DSD's place and help her sort through all that scrapbooking stuff. I'm sure she'd be eternally grateful!

    The picture of the moon is beautiful. Too bad the scenery is spoiled by electric lights and noxious fumes... ugh.

  3. Maria, its a really long haul to Dallas area from where I am!! Although, Deb did tell me there was room in her driveway!! Wonder if they have good soup kitchens there.....would need it after blowing all my money on gas!!

  4. Southern hospitality... I'm sure they have excellent soup!

    I'd offer ya my driveway but I don't have one at the moment. Plus I'm not in the middle of a huge scrapping project so alas, you'd be bored here too.

  5. You won't catch me anywhere close to Ohio after Halloween time--LOLOL--SNOWS there!! I'm allergic to SNOW!!