Friday, December 23, 2011

Thank You to???????????

I got an email this afternoon from someone, I don't know who, but it had a one line message-----"For you, on this day, hope you enjoy" and then it had a link to a YouTube video.......I want to share it with you guys, and if you go to the RIGHT video, the girl singing, Chloe Agnew from Celtic Woman, will be sitting on a rock in a lake.....thats how you'll know you have the right one!!

Just go to: and in the search bar at the top type in:CHLOE AGNEW, TO WHERE YOU ARE.....then after you listen to it, if you have ever lost someone near and dear to you let me know if you liked it!

I don't know WHO sent it to me, but if it was one of my followers, I just want to say Thank You!


  1. Here's what should be a clickable link: To Where You Are

    Oh and it wasn't me :)

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  3. Has always been one of my favorite songs. I heard it first by Josh Groban but had not heard it since my Dad died. Since I just spent an evening with family, I am especially missing him. Am feeling so lost and lonely this evening without him. Devastated really. Then I log on and see your post. Very timely. God sure does work in mysterious ways. My dad was a musician. While I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out, he's probably smiling at the beauty of it all. He was the epitome of grace and love. Lovely video. Thank you, and the person that emailed you. Wow.